Areas of Practice

Diversification of law, has generated a clear and manifest professional policy of openness to the modern practice of our profession, extending in recent years, to the requirement of our customers, the practice areas.

Calling, then, highly specialized and highly professional legal training, imbued with new technologies, but always maintaining the unmistakable stamp of personalized treatment of each customer and particular subject, with consequent depth analysis for a successful frame aimed to success management.

Industrial Property

  • Marks and Designations, Patents and Industrial Models of Utility, Designs and Models: search of antecedents, feasibility studies, integral advising, applications, presentation, proceedings, titles and fuards, monitoring and oppositions. Renovations.
  • Registry and international protection throught correspondents.
  • Internet Domains: registry and protection
  • Transference of technology and licenses: internation contracts and documents.
  • Transaction of bar code.

Intellectual Property

  • Right of author.
  • Work deposit. Contracts.
  • Transactions of ISBN and ISSN.
  • Legal protection of Software and computer contracts.

Horizontal Property

  • Damages on the horizontal property.
  • Representation in assemblies.
  • Oppositions and invalidities of Assemblies and Calls.
  • Rights of consorcistas.
  • Civil and Penal responsibility of the Administrators.
  • Mediations.
  • Advising to professionals in legal architecture and engeneering.
  • Execution of expense and actions for breach of the RPH.


  • Labor and Traffic accidents.
  • Moral, physical, biological, psychic and aesthetic damage.
  • Emergent damage, dismissed profit and loss of chance.
  • Reclamations before insurance agencies.
  • Bad medical Praxis and professional responsibility.
  • Habeas Data. Protection of Personal Data. Actions by nuntruthful commercial information.

Family & Heritage

  • Divorce and division of marital property.
  • Alimony and child support.
  • Filiation and Parental rights and duties.
  • Heritage. Testament.

Civil & Commercial

  • Contracts. Mortgages.
  • Evictions
  • Checks and Promissory Notes.
  • Executions.
  • Constitution and Development of Civil Associations, Foundations and NGOS.
  • Users and Consumers Protection Law
  • Antitrust Law

Societies & Bankrupcy

  • Constitution of Societies.
  • Mergers and acquisitions. M & A
  • Due diligence. Corpporate Law. Corporate Governance.
  • Procedures in IGJ.
  • Corporate spin offs. Society liquidations.
  • Blocks syndications.
  • Reestructuring of personal and societal liabilities.
  • APE. Preventive tender and Bankrupcy.
  • Franchising. agencies, distribution and representation.
  • UTE and oint ventures. Constitution and development.
  • Cooperative and regainid companies.

Entertainment Law

  • Cinema, Theater, TV, Radio, Games, Internet, Audio-Visual Industry, Music, Spectacles Massive and Public. Specific Contracts. Responsability of the Organizers.
  • Cultural firms. Multimedia.
  • Publicity law. Sponsorship.
  • Sport Spectacles:integral law of the Sport.
  • Right of image of artists and sportsmen.

Healthcare Law

  • Advising on pharmaceutical companies, of medical insurance, social works and medical organizations in general.
  • Representation of professional associations of compatible doctors and lenders of the services of health.
  • Patients: right to the access to the health. Shelters and actions.

General Practice

  • Laboral and Pensions: wage dismissals, differences, ART, Mobbing. Retirements and Pensions: Proceedings, Readjustments of salaries, Moratoriums.
  • Tax Penal Law: defenses, denunciations and lawsuit.
  • Administrative: reclamations and resources. Biddings. Economic regulations.
  • Customs Law.
  • Migration Law.
  • Mediations in all the jurisdictions. Arbitrations.


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